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  • Why RideCommand’s Motto Is “Ride for Less When You’re in Charge”

    Would you walk into a store and buy something expensive before you knew the price? Most people would not. But that is what many of our competitors make you do. They are in charge, not you.

    To illustrate this point, consider what happens to “George” when he wants a ride from downtown to the airport. He begins by opening the app on his smart phone from one of our competitors and entering his request. Within a few minutes, George has a car on the way to pick him up. 

    When George gets in the car, he does not know what price he will pay at the end of his ride. The company is not willing to risk profits due to circumstances they cannot predict (e.g., traffic delays, driver gets lost, or traveling less than 11 miles per hour!). Instead, they shift that risk to you. They do this by setting their prices based on time and distance travelled so that you pay the higher price. 

    Why should you pay for these uncertainties when you are selling something that companies desperately want - riders? A better, more efficient model is one that shifts the risk from you to the company that wants to earn your business.  

    RideCommand’s model does not charge extra for traffic delays or if the driver gets lost or other uncontrollable factors. If George had used our app to request the limo, he pays only the “winning bid” price or the flat price from the company he selected - no more and no less. And he knows that price before he is picked up. That is why our motto is “Ride for Less When You’re in Charge.”

  • Best limo rides start in Tampa!

    Great news for business and leisure travelers, as well as car service providers in Tampa Bay, Florida!  RideCommand starts operation in July 2013.

    RideCommand has developed a smartphone app and website that will enable customers to pay less for their limo service while the car companies compete in a “reverse bidding” system to obtain customers’ business.

    The highlight of this unique approach is the reverse bidding system that allows consumers to ride for less while not having to compromise on the quality of service. Moreover, the drivers increase their profits by avoiding empty return trips back to base and generate additional revenue from not having to wait long periods for riders.

    It is a competition where everybody wins!

    Learn more about the reverse bidding process and the smartphone app by clicking here.

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