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  • Why Is Using RideCommand “Going Green”?

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    You have probably seen those black sedans or SUVs sitting at the popular transportation areas waiting for a person to request car service.  Often, those vehicles’ engines are running to enable the driver to access his or her radio, phone or air conditioning.  All of that idle time wastes an enormous amount of gasoline, resulting in dangerous emissions to the air that we all breathe! Smog and air pollution in some cities is a health crisis during the hot summer months when the air often “stagnates”.

    By using RideCommand, you can help the environment! Our service can greatly reduce the amount of “downtime” for car service companies. In fact, many companies experience “downtimes” that can exceed 70%. 

    For example, let’s envision a town car driver who has just dropped off a passenger at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. and is about to return empty to the company headquarters an hour away in Virginia.  To avoid returning with an empty car, the driver decides to wait for an hour in hope of picking up another rider. During that hour, the driver is running his engine, polluting the air and wasting gasoline. He gives up after an hour and still returns with an empty car.

    Parked just behind that driver is another town car whose driver also just dropped off a passenger at the Verizon Center.  Rather than returning empty or idling in his car while waiting for another rider, he decides to try the brand new RideCommand iPhone app.  Using this app he searches for all ride requests within a few miles of his location (the driver can select the area to be searched).  He finds that there are 4 current ride requests waiting for companies to submit bids and one ride request that has bids submitted.

    He clicks on this request that has bids and sees that the rider is a few blocks away and his destination is very near the company location where he would otherwise be returning empty.  He decides to submit a bid that is $5 lower than the current bid of $90.

    Immediately he is notified that the rider has selected him as the winning bidder and he leaves the Verizon Center to pick up his rider.  As he leaves, he tips his hat to the other town car still sitting empty with his engine idling.

    So what are the different outcomes for these two drivers?  The driver without our iPhone app has wasted an hour burning gasoline, polluted the air unnecessarily and returned empty.  The driver using RideCommand’s iPhone app has the clear advantage.

    So for your next night on the town or special occasion (wedding, birthday, prom, party), register on and start helping both the environment and your wallet!

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