RideCommand has many features that are better for the consumer and not available from many competitors.

Specifically, RideCommand:

  • Has a patent-pending feature where companies compete for your ride in a live “reverse” auction where prices go down - unlike some competitors where prices are the same regardless of what driver picks you up
  • Offers smart phone apps for both “ride now” AND “ride later” - unlike some competitors which only offer “ride now”
  • Contracts directly with approved and licensed transportation companies - unlike some competitors that sign directly with drivers who may not have all required licenses and insurance
  • Tells riders exactly how much they will pay before getting in the car unlike some competitors that charge extra fees for traffic delays or when the driver gets lost
  • Charges a commission that is about half of competitor's rate - making trips cheaper for consumers
  • Offers flat prices that do not change during the ride, unlike some competitors that charge based on time and mileage like a taxi
  • Allows a consumer to decide what gratuity the driver deserves versus a mandatory 20% gratuity built into the fares from some competitors
  • Relies on the bidding process to account for changes in demand for cars (more demand for cars = higher bid prices) rather than the controversial and arbitrary surge pricing (up to 5 times their normal cost) from some competitors

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